AVAR Concludes First Online Conclave with 500+ Registrants

Chennai, 17th September 2020 – The Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) conducted today its first online AVAR Cyber Conclave – India 2020: A Virtual Cyber Security Meet, which had more than 500 registrants. This is the first online event conducted by AVAR which regularly hosts international cyber security conferences.

AVAR is a platform for cyber security experts and organizations to collaborate and find solutions for the global challenge of cyber threats. AVAR is a non-profit organization with members from 17 countries and facilitates knowledge sharing, professional development, networking, and partnering.

AVAR Cyber Conclave – India 2020: A Virtual Cyber Security Meet focused on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security and Mobile Security and Vulnerability.

Mr. Vinayak Godse, VP – Data Security Council of India, presented the keynote address. Papers were presented by Mr. Aashiq Ramachandran – Independent Security Researcher; Mr. Lukas Stefanko – Malware Researcher, ESET; and Mr. Smit Kotadiya – Cyber Security Consultant, Check Point Software Technologies.

Speaking on the event, Mr. J Kesavardhanan, CEO of AVAR & Founder of K7 Computing, said “AVAR has regularly conducted such events across Asia every year since 1998. This is the first time we have held a virtual conclave and the tremendous response, with more than 500 people registering, reveals that there is a great demand for expert cyber security insight and collaboration avenues, across both physical and virtual platforms, in the fight against cybercrime. AVAR will continue to host such events and foster international cooperation among cyber security stakeholders.”

AVAR’s premium and highly awaited 23rd Annual Conference (AVAR 2020) will be conducted virtually from 3rd to 5th December 2020. The online event will feature several discussions on a wide range of cyber security advancements and concerns and include participation from a cross-spectrum of cyber security stakeholders including researchers, though leaders, policy makers, and industry analysts.

About AVAR

AVAR (Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers) was formed in June, 1998 with a mission to prevent the spread of malware and the damage caused by it. AVAR aims to do this by developing cooperative relationships among cyber threat experts in Asia. AVAR is an independent and non-profit organisation which focuses on the Asia Pacific region and consists of prominent experts from 17 territories including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and the USA. 

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