Rules And Guidelines


AVAR (Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers) was established to prevent the spread and damage caused by computer virus in the region, and to fight against the threat which affect users. The members of AVAR feel committed to improve their knowledge and skills through active involvement in regional and international anti-virus activities.

The recognition of the AVAR code of conduct is a requirement for AVAR membership.

AVAR Members will:

  • Act faithfully, fairly and responsibly toward AVAR members.
  • Refrain from creation, release or exchange of computer viruses and other malicious programs unless it is strictly for the purpose of research and analysis.
  • Do nothing that will bring discredit to AVAR.
  • Agree that AVAR board members reserve the right to vote for suspension and/or dismissal of their membership in case the above AVAR code of conduct is violated.