Cybersecurity Champions – Let us gather again at the AVAR conference!

AVAR 2021 Virtual is the 24th edition of AVAR’s International conference. This year’s event will be once again hosted online, and will feature the best minds in cybersecurity analyzing the most important cybersecurity issues that we faced and will face this year.

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Cybersecurity in Peril: The Changing State of Threat Actors

This year’s theme is covering various aspects of changing threat scenarios, cyber threat trends and expert perspectives on threats to the operational technology (OT) landscape and more. In an era of unprecedented, it becomes challenging to keep pace with security demands, hence it becomes essential to deliberate and discuss on learnings from the past thwarted attacks and threats as well as prepare for future adversaries.

Increasing sophistication of threats leads to redefining trends, AVAR 2021 Virtual will bring those in-depth analysis of the growing threat landscape.

Paper Topics

  • Arm’d & Dangerous: Analyzing arm64 Malware Targeting macOS
  • XMRIG MINER – Taking stealth to a new level!
  • Using third-party SDKs to detect repackaged malicious Android applications
  • The (R)Evil Within
  • Dissecting the Exchange Server Saga: A Practical Deep Dive into the Vulnerabilities
  • Meet Indra: Uncovering the Hackers Behind Attacks on Iran Railways
  • Old and Bold: DDoS Advancing the Gameplay of Ransomwares
  • Death by a thousand cuts: the rise and rise of information stealers
  • Hunting in the Field of Cybersecurity: The Microsoft Exchange Fiasco


AVAR welcomes high-quality abstracts on any topic relevant to the modern threat landscape across devices and platforms that will aid the relentless fight against all cyber adversaries and safeguard global netizens. It is a unique forum where world-renowned cyber security researchers come together to discuss and share insights into cyber security.

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CEO’s Welcome Message

J. Kesavardhanan
Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR)

Welcome to AVAR 2021 Virtual! We are again gathering online this year as the pandemic continues to ebb and flow. We are much closer to defeating the coronavirus now than we were a year ago with mass vaccination programs underway across the world, and it is heartening to see humanity inching back to normal.

What has not changed since last year, however, is the acceleration in cyber threats. The world has transformed significantly and so has the cyber threat landscape. Threat actors are far more audacious than they were before, and their targets are also larger. We have seen cyber attacks threaten food and fuel supply by disrupting various stages of critical supply chains, and cybersecurity is now a critical national security concern.

AVAR 2021 Virtual has chosen ‘Cybersecurity in Peril: The Changing State of Threat Actors’ as its theme against this backdrop of escalating cyber insecurity. The transformation in our digital culture has been accompanied by a transformation in cyber threats and the cyber security community needs to respond by re-examining our methods and strategies if we wish to be successful in securing the world.

AVAR firmly believes that knowledge sharing and collaboration are key factors in stemming the rising tide of cyber attacks. AVAR 2021 Virtual will gather the world’s foremost cyber security experts to examine the threats we face and discuss how the reliability of cyberspace can be maintained.

I look forward to your participation at AVAR 2021 Virtual and building a safer digital world together for all netizens.

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A great opportunity to gain visibility in the field of information security and to showcase the products, services or activities to a diverse international audience.

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