Doina Cosovan

Doina spent five years as a malware researcher at Bitdefender, learning about malware and security. During that period, she reverse engineered, analysed, added detection for malware and collaborated with the communications team to publish over 50 blog posts about her findings on Hot for Security and Bitdefender Labs. Doina is now a malware researcher at Security Scorecard, a global cybersecurity ratings firm that continuously monitors the security posture of millions of companies. Her role is focused on implementing proof of concepts and creating ways of non-intrusively gathering malware-related signals. She researches cybersecurity topics like malware packers, command-and-control communication protocols, analysis of malware families, web injects, adware, and machine learning for malware detection. Doina is a frequent speaker at cyber industry conferences like Virus Bulletin, CARO and AVAR. She has also published papers in the Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques and International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks.