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How to Join Avar

There are 2 types of membership at AVAR: Individual and Corporate.

Following are the brief descriptions of each:

1. Individual: HKD 1170/annum for the year 2019

Advanced notice and discount on AVAR Conference

Voting right at Members’ Meeting

2. Corporate: HKD 5460/annum for the year 2019

Register up to 6 persons as AVAR members

Same benefits as individual members

NOTE: For AVAR membership (both individual and corporate), a new member (candidate) will be recommended by the current AVAR directors and approved by AVAR directors’ voting.

If you wish to become AVAR member, please follow the steps below.

  • Contact us and we will introduce a director to you.
  • Please contact the director to get his/her recommendation.
  • If you can get the director’s recommendation, he/she will recommend you as a new member to the AVAR administration office.
  • Then we have voting among the AVAR board members. This voting process will take 2 weeks at the most. After voting, we will inform you of the result.

If you are approved by the directors, please download the application form (PDF), print it, and fill it out.

Once the form is filled, please send it to the AVAR administration office via email. We will inform you of the details regarding payment of the membership fee.