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How to Join Avar

There are 2 types of membership at AVAR: Individual and Corporate.

Following are the brief descriptions of each:

1. Individual: USD 200/annum

2. Corporate:

Revenue scale Category Fee in USD
> $ 100 Million A $ 2800
$ 10 – 100 Million B $ 1400
< $10 Million C $ 900

Register up to 6 persons as AVAR members

NOTE: For AVAR membership (both individual and corporate), a new member (candidate) will be recommended by the current AVAR directors and approved by AVAR directors’ voting.

If you wish to become AVAR member, please follow the steps below.

  • Contact us and we will introduce a director to you.
  • Please contact the director to get his/her recommendation.
  • If you can get the director’s recommendation, he/she will recommend you as a new member to the AVAR administration office.
  • Then we have voting among the AVAR board members. This voting process will take 2 weeks at the most. After voting, we will inform you of the result.