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♬ You ain’t seen nothing yet ♫

After “Oops! It Happened Again” and “Fool Us! Or is it us Fools?”, the dynamic presentation duo sadly had to decide that once more they have to return. Since last year so many ludicrously avoidable cybersecurity incidents have been experienced that one really must wonder if users will ever learn. How much education and awareness does one need. It becomes even more cynical if the incidents are caused by the politicians that made the cyber-regulations but don’t follow these (read: break) themselves “as they are inconvenient to work with”. In their usual energetic and lively presentation style, this dynamic duo will present real-life examples of cyber-incidents, and explain what went wrong and how they could have been prevented. Eager to learn why we (the users) keep making these mistakes, they will also dive deeper into the reasons that history keeps repeating itself. And they will reveal the surprising common denominator that they have found. To get in the mood, turn on your Walkman, insert that 70’s cassette, and play Bachman Turner

Overdrive’s “You ain’t seen nothing yet” as loud as you can. Then, after watching our presentation, we hope everyone will stop making these errors so that we can genuinely say “Here’s something that you’re never gonna forget! B-b-b-baby”

Righard Zwienenberg

Zwienenberg started dealing with computer viruses in 1988 after encountering the first virus problems at the Technical University of Delft. His interest thus kindled and studied virus behavior and presented solutions and detection schemes ever since. Initially starting as an independent consultant, in 1991 he co-founded CSE Ltd. In November 1995 Zwienenberg joined the Research and Development department of ThunderBYTE. In 1998 he joined the Norman Development team to work on the scanner engine. In 2005 Zwienenberg took the role of Chief Research Officer. After AMTSO – Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization – was formed, Zwienenberg was elected as president. He is serving on the board of AVAR and on the Technical Overview Board of the WildList. In 2011 Zwienenberg was looking for new opportunities and started as a Senior Research Fellow at ESET.  In April 2012 Zwienenberg stepped down as President of AMTSO to take the role as CTO and later as CEO. In 2016 he rejoined the AMTSO board for another two-year run. He also is the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of IEEE ICSG. In 2018, Zwienenberg joined the Europol European Cyber Crime Center (EC3) Advisory Group as an ESET representative.

Zwienenberg has been a member of CARO since late 1991. He is a frequent speaker at conferences – among these Virus Bulletin, EICAR, AVAR, FIRST, APWG, RSA, InfoSec, SANS, CFET, ISOI, SANS Security Summits, IP Expo, Government Symposia, SCADA seminars, etc. – and general security seminars. His interests are not limited to malicious code but have broadened to include general cybersecurity issues and encryption technologies over the past years. 

Eddy Willems

Eddy Willems is a worldwide known cyber security expert from Belgium. He is a board member of 3 security industry organizations, EICAR, AVAR and LSEC, and is the resident Security Evangelist at G DATA Cyberdefense.

He became a founding member of EICAR in 1991, one of the world’s first security IT organizations. Over the years he has served in many extra roles in different security industry organizations. Several CERTs, press agencies, print and online publications and broadcasting media, for example CNN, use his advice regularly.  In October of 2013, he published his first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, entitled ‘Cybergevaar’ (Lannoo). A German translation followed afterwards and an English translation and update, Cyberdanger (Springer), was published in 2019. He is also co-author of the Dutch SF cyberthriller ‘Het Virus’ published in 2020. Eddy is a known inspiring speaker and is giving lectures and presentations (including TEDx) worldwide for a very diverse audience from children to experts.