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Using AI/ML to Build Effective Data Security Programs (Sponsor Presentation)

It’s time to break down the barriers between data and cybersecurity professionals.

In this session, Ronan Murphy will discuss how to unify these roles into one shared goal of protecting your data—the 21st-century currency of business.

Ronan has worked at the cold face of the cybersecurity industry for the last 20 years, and his companies are responsible for protecting some of the world’s leading organisations.

The presentation will include an analysis of the circumstances that led to one of Europe’s most high-profile Ransomware attacks during the Covid Pandemic and the subsequent fall-out.

This case study will form the basis of the presentation to understand how organisations can implement a Zero Trust Strategy on their data that will ultimately help improve their Cybersecurity Strategy.

Ronan Murphy

Ronan is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Ronan is the Founder of Getvisibility an AI-based data security company delivering cutting-edge data security solutions & founder and executive chairman of Smarttech247 plc a global multi-award-winning managed cybersecurity company”.