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How Threat Sharing Hones Your Competitive Edge

Abstract: The cybersecurity industry has talked about information sharing for many years. Usually, it is presented as something companies should do for the greater good to benefit the entire ecosystem. However, that motivation has proven insufficient to prompt the level of sharing necessary to combat cyber threat. So why should cybersecurity companies share information? Security providers should share because such threat intelligence sharing makes them more competitive. This concept contradicts many long-standing beliefs in the cybersecurity industry. This talk will lay out the case for how threat intelligence sharing supports both individual company competitiveness while benefiting the ecosystem. I will draw upon case studies from the experience with intelligence sharing (both automated and human speed) over the past three and a half years to provide examples. These examples will clearly demonstrate the proposition laid out in this talk. This talk will also look at the possibilities for establishing more effective sharing relationships with governments. Further, no single company can impose significant costs on our adversaries alone. This talk will look forward to how threat intelligence sharing can help synchronize actions among private sector actors to amplify defensive actions against malicious actors.

Michael Daniel

Cyber Threat Alliance

Anurag Shandilya is the Assistant Vulnerability Research Manager at K7 Threat Control Lab. His area of research includes IoT and Windows vulnerabilities. He has 4+ years of experience in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). He has worked in various positions handling Cyber Security projects with Wipro Technologies and Deloitte India. He has a Master’s degree in Cyber Law and Information Security from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (India). He has presented at AVAR (2018), VB (2019) and CARO (2020) and actively writes on the K7 Computing blog. His other areas of interest include bug bounty and playing table tennis.

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