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12 October 2021 | 3:00 PM IST (5:30 PM SGT & HKT)

The Ransomware Pandemic

Parag Deodhar
Director – Cyber Security & Risk Management for APAC
VF Corporation

The global ransomware crisis has entered a new phase. Security researchers have uncovered and reported year-on-year attacks increasing at an exponential rate. As threat actors adopt new techniques and stronger tactics, the impact of ransomware attacks is more widespread and highlights weaknesses in a company’s security posture. Many high profile attacks reported involves underlying vulnerabilities and, security gaps for their occurrence, however there are several other factors for the explosion of these attacks.

The Webshell Attacks

Eddy Willems
Security Evangelist
G Data CyberDefence

The recent spate of attacks on websites and web-facing services has focused attention on web shells that were used to install ransomware. Attacks using web shells have accelerated in 2020-21 and have raised two significant issues: the technical measures required to counter these attacks which are difficult to discover; and the wisdom in using Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to drive mitigation measures. This session addresses both concerns.