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08 March 2023 | 5:30 PM SGT

Initial Access in 2023

Jonas Walker
Director, Threat Intelligence,
FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet

Jonas is a passionate cybersecurity professional with more than 10 years of expertise in networking and security. Jonas loves technology and lives in Asia’s technology capital Singapore. He is a digital native who is interested in offensive security and cyber. As a cybersecurity expert, Jonas advises and engages clients and executive leaders on solution strategies in several industry segments. He works regularly with global threat intelligence initiatives within Fortinet, including the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) and INTERPOL to respond to advanced threats as they break – and proactively plans to stay ahead of the curve. He dedicates his free time to hacking, fitness, golf, and exploring Asians culture.

While the attack surface increases rapidly, most cyberattacks leverage different strategies to gain access to corporate networks. In this session, I will showcase the most prevalent techniques from the most successful threat actors in 2022 with multiple live demos. The demo will showcase how hackers enumerate environments and launch attacks against their targets to infiltrate organizations. In addition, the demo highlights recent changes in the attack surface in a post covid world and how most of the successful attacks operate these days. The presentation delivers a current view of the threat landscape from an offensive point of view. The more we learn and understand offensive security, the better we can protect ourselves against these threats. Decision-makers must be aware of these real-world attacks to make their organizations less vulnerable. Finally, the presentation recommends leveraging the presented information for security strategies.

Embrace Equity

Jeannette Jarvis
Cyber Threat Alliance
AVAR Board of Directors

Jeannette is responsible for CTA’s membership and partnership recruitment, and marketing and communications efforts. Jeannette has worked in cybersecurity for over 25 years, previously holding various senior leadership positions, including Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet and Director of Product Management at McAfee and Intel Security. She also served in leadership roles at Microsoft and Boeing. Jeannette is on the board of directors for AVAR (Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers), and the advisory board for Virus Bulletin.

Nearly every aspect of our lives is impacted by cyber. Creating an inclusive and diverse workforce culture is fundamental for our success in our battle against the bad actors. We need to bring employees to the table that bring fresh insights, different experiences, backgrounds, and diverse perspectives. Hear how creating an inclusive workforce is beneficial to the success of your business. Embrace equity is also the theme for the 2023 International Women’s Day, being celebrated on March 8th.