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25 August 2022 | 5:30 PM SGT

Cyber-ethics, Criminology and Law

Chetan Raghuprasad
Research Engineer
Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

Chetan Raghuprasad is a Research Engineer with the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, focusing on threat hunting of latest threats and threat campaigns in the threat landscape, reversing malwares to uncover its TTPs to identify actor’s intention, attributing them to specific actors. Chetan also represents Cisco Talos publicly by publishing his research in Talos blogs and speaking at the IT conferences in the world.

Chetan Raghuprasad has 13 years of experience in the Information Security sector, having worked within cyber incident response, Digital forensics, Cyber threat research at Financial institutions, Consulting and Technology companies.

Threat actors are continuously refining their techniques, adapting their attacks to avoid detection and to maximize the chances of the attack being successful. Understanding the dynamic threat environment and the changes in threat actor techniques allows organizations to better prepare their defences to face such threats.

In this presentation, Mr. Chetan Raghuprasad  will talk about the cyber criminals sharing information about who they are, how they function, their motives and how the Government agencies and Law enforcement has emerged with the sanctions on the Cyber Criminals. Seeing the significant trends of attacks in the threat landscape, he will go through what Cyber-hygiene is and how vital it is for an individual as well as the organizations. 

Cyber Warfare

Nandi Dharma KishoRe H.N.
AVP – Threat Control Lab,
K7 Computing,

Nandi Dharma KishoRe is the Assistant Vice-President in charge of K7 Computing’s Threat Control Lab (India). He began his career at McAfee Labs (India), progressing to the position of Senior Scientist. Thereafter he has taken on the roles of Senior Security Manager at Samsung Electronics (S. Korea) and Director of IoT Security at Subex Limited (India). He holds four US patents, has patents pending in S. Korea and India in the malware detection domain. He has chaired “Reverse Engineering panel discussion” at 2018 Data Security Council of India, Bangalore and AVAR Conference 2018, Goa. He was keynote speaker at Cyber Security Summit 2020, Bangalore, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT TRENDS IN ADVANCED COMPUTING 2019 and 2018, Chennai. KishoRe graduated from RMIT University (Australia) with a Master of Applied Science degree in IT, and from VTU (India) with a B.E. in Computer Science. His areas of interest include malware research, malware analysis automation, threat intelligence and ecosystem security.

“Today, missiles are not merely in the form of real-world hypersonic weapons tested by some nation states; in ubiquitous cyberspace “missiles” come in another form, delivered much faster than hypersonic and leaving little or no trace of the humans behind the attack, and potentially bringing a victim nation to its knees. Introducing Cyber Warfare! Cyber Warfare is typically a nation-state-sponsored tactical use of sophisticated cyber techniques to impact victim machines across physical international borders, which, if not protected, can cause enormous damage to the targets.  Victims of such Cyber Warfare could be the targeted nation’s Government agencies, private/public organisations and civilians. However, any given system need not be a sitting duck in the face of such attacks. It can become part of a cyber army to protect itself to mitigate the impact of Cyber warfare. This talk focuses on Cyber Warfare, its different types and some mitigation strategies for systems that can be made part of the cyber army to protect themselves.”