Blogging, feature reports and testimonials on the AVAR website!

By Eddy Willems (G DATA Security Evangelist – AVAR Board member)

I like to blog and why shouldn’t you. I’ve written so many articles or blogs in the past 30 years and I really cans say it’s really enjoyable and above all it put you on the internet in a good position where people, other companies, organizations and press or media may find you.

“Blog” originated as slang for “web log.” Those two words were mauled and mangled and out popped “blog”. Try and explain that at a dinner party, you just have to love the magic of language, grammar and words.

So blogging refines your thoughts. Sitting down and distilling your ideas and insights into structured sentences and paragraphs is an art. Wrangling and wrestling those words into shape will produce clarity from the cloud. Make it a practice every day or week, and magic could happen.

Blogs are also rewarding the creator. Being willing to put your ideas “out there” takes bravery and a willingness to be vulnerable. Doubts may stop you. These include: Why would anyone want to read my ideas? Or..  I have nothing new to say. Well that’s what you think maybe. However I’m pretty sure that rewards will come afterwards.

And above all blogs open up a world without borders. Everybody is searching topics on the internet and will appreciate that blogs are written!

So the board of AVAR decided to fill in this gap asking you, ‘our’ members to fill in this gap at the AVAR website. We want to increase the visibility of AVAR but also the visibility of our members and that’s exactly the reason why we will try to add 3 types of content to our AVAR website.

  • First of all we need blogs which are focusing on Asian development in Cyber Security. Actually anything which could be important to blog about could be interesting to put on our blog section at our website, this could be something about specific threats being seen in some Asian regions. It could also be about important research which have been done. Why not to promote some independent security event which is taking place in the Asian region? We are really open to every kind of content if it’s Asian cyber security related. 
  • Secondly AVAR is also offering the opportunity to his members to write some feature reports about some important key developments they have produced. That could highlight some new technology inside a product or service offered by your company for instance. Every member may write about 2 key developments each year.
  • And of course we are always looking at testimonials or some case studies done by our members. These are so important for everybody as we all can learn from this.

To fill up this content on the AVAR website we need your input! So if you have some content which seems to fit in what I’ve explained above you just send in your article, blog or testimonial to the following mail address: blog @ . (or some alternative created address)

We will try to add the content after that ASAP. And oh … yeah… ‘How long should the article be?’ you were asking me. It could be one page, two pages or even more. It’s up to you.

So, to all … let’s blog and share some interesting content!

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