Selected Papers
Adaptive File Analyzer: NLP combined with Heuristic analysis to detect malicious email attachments.
Abhishek Singh,Kalpesh Mantri, Cisco SBG
Linux. Hypervisor-level behavior analysis
Alexey Kolesnikov, Positive Technologies
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Advanced EDR Bypass Tool Frameworks
Andrew Shelton L, K7 Computing Pvt Ltd
Unveiling the DarkGate Malware: A Comprehensive Analysis of Its APT Group, Development Timeline, and Capabilities
Aravind Raj, Nihar Deshpande, Quick Heal
Zero-day exploits of ransomware operators (Windows OS)
Boris Larin, Kaspersky
Once Gifted is always Gifted
Chetan Raghuprasad, Cisco Talos
Fixing the Detection Gap with OfficeXScan- Building Network Deep File Inspection for Office Exploits
Chintan Shah, Trellix
David Driker, Checkpoint
Space Pirates: hack, steal, repeat!
Denis Kuvshinov, Stanislav Rakovsky, Positive Technologies
SmoothOperator – 3CX Supply Chain Attack
Dinesh Devadoss, Niranjan Jayanand, SentinelOne
Turn the tables: How we use GPT to detect phishing websites
Eduard Alles, Marius Benthin, G DATA CyberDefense AG
Don’t flatten yourself: restoring malware with Control-Flow Flattening obfuscation
Geri Revay, Fortinet
GoldenJackal Chronicles: Delving into Enigmas and Unanswered Questions
Giampaolo Dedola, Kaspersky
Reversing Nim binaries
Holger Unterbrink, Cisco Talos
An Efficient Approach for Automating Threat Intelligence Analysis through Similarity Detection
Hyunjong Lee, Kihong Kim, SANDSLab
Unveiling the Stealth Soldier: A Wave of Targeted Surveillance Attacks in North Africa
Israel Gubi, Check Point
Evolution of the crypto-mining botnet targeting Russian users for years
Ivan Korolev, Igor Zdobnov, Doctor Web, Ltd.
MEGALO-(AN)-DON: Uncovering data espionage, blackmailing and shell companies in mobile lending apps targeting Asia
Jagadeesh Chandraiah, Sophos
Abusing Electron-based applications in targeted attacks
Jaromir Horejsi, Trend Micro
Amplifying Threat Intelligence via Generative AI-Driven Aggregation and Enrichment
Jason Zhang, Kyle Campbell, Anomali Inc.
Is Lazarus Preparing for War?
JunSeok Kim, TaeHyeon Song, AhnLab
Revolutionizing Malware Detection: Unleashing the Potential of ML and MITRE TTP’s Integration
Krishna Sawe, Amit Gadhave, Qualys Inc.
ValleyFall Spyware – Tales of malware discovery and hunting in the wild
Marian Gusatu, Gen Digital
UEFI Secure Boot Bypasses and The Dawn of Bootkits
Martin Smolár, ESET
Let’s Chat about Gross Public Text generation
Righard Zwienenberg, Eddy Willems, ESET, G DATA
Rebrand to X?: SteelClover Cornucopia
Rintaro Koike,Shogo Hayashi, NTT Security Holdings
APT-C-60 : Observing the hunter
Romain Dumont, ESET
Unmasking the Dark Art of Vectored Exception Handling: Bypassing XDR and EDR in the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape
Sarang Popat Sonawane, Donato Onofri, Crowdstrike
Multi-hopping in reversed SOCKS – the usage of open source proxies by Chinese threat actors
Vanja Svajcer, Cisco
Very Real Assault on Virtual ESXi: The Evolving Linux Ransomware Threat
Vigneshwaran P, K7 Computing Pvt Ltd
Enhancing Tagging and Data Reduction in the EDR Event Pipeline
Viren Chaudhari, Rohit Kulkarni, Qualys
Machine learning or behaviour heuristics? The synergy of approaches to defeat advanced ransomware threats
Vladimir Strogov,Sergey Ulasen, Acronis
Understanding ransomware rebranding
Vlad Constantin Craciun, Bitdefender
IoT Malware Riding Pegasus – How to Hunt and Analyze GobRAT
Yuma Masubuchi, JPCERT Coordination Center
Reserve Papers
Rising to Prominence: A Deep Dive into TargetCompany’s Evolutionary Path with Mallox
Earle Maui Earnshaw, Trend Micro
Lazarus and Bluenoroff: New and “Rusty” Tricks for macOS
Mellvin S, K7 Computing Pvt Ltd
The Art of Cyber Espionage: Unleashing the Power of SCADA and ICS Hacking
Muhammad Shahmeer, Younite


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  • The list is not in the order of presentation