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Under Pressure: Resilience in the face of growing cyber threat

Pressure, pushing down on me; pressing down on you. Under Pressure.

In a world of continued and escalating sophistication, overload of information, overwhelming signs of complacency, and lack of diversity of thought and practice, here is your wakeup call. These titles of Queen songs will help us to highlight what this panel plans to dive into. “The Invisible Man” (Queen 1989): from the days of We Are Anonymous to today’s even more crafty and sophisticated adversaries, how do we even begin to really look at our enemies today? We will discuss today’s threat landscape and how the adversaries are continuing to outsmart the collective good.

“I’m Going Slightly Mad” (Queen 1991): complacency at its finest…when the average person is inundated with information from all sides (media, IT teams, security teams, their own credit card companies, etc.), to the point where one feels that it doesn’t matter anymore. What can I even do about it? It’s sure to happen to our organization. “I Want to Break Free” (Queen 1984). How do we break free of the mentality of another day, another vulnerability? “Hammer to Fall” (Queen 1984): the perception of privacy is now lost. The assumption that corporations already have all of our information; our data is already out there, so don’t bother reading that privacy policy, or work harder to protect yourself.

“A Kind of Magic” (Queen 1986): bringing the right skills and diversity of thought to problem solving doesn’t have to be magic! We will discuss how the driving force behind cybersecurity is the people who collaborate and bring everyone to the table, and are accelerating us forward faster than fighting alone. What are some of the more creative ways we can start thinking about problem solving and where are those who can assist us best?

“Sheer Heart Attack” (Queen 1977): staring your board of directors in the face as you explain how WE were breached. This is your wakeup call!

“The Show Must Go On” (Queen 1991): we must continue to advance our sophistication and be able to belly up against our adversaries. What advancements on the good guys’ side do we see coming that will give us a leg up? And where do we go from here? What does the security landscape look like a year from now? What can we count on and where do we need to be heading to stay fresh and in control?

Kathi Whitbey

Palo Alto Networks

Kathi Whitbey currently serves as the Program Manager for Unit 42 within Palo
Alto Networks . In this role, Kathi was an integral part in the process for
incorporating the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), to include the initial CTA Platform
development efforts for sharing information among member companies. Kathi’s
previous roles have included software development management and technical
training efforts for various US government organizations. Kathi has also worked
for the US Department of State and traveled all over the world educating
employees on custom software applications. In her free time, Kathi serves as a
volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Texas Search and Rescue,
and was afforded the opportunity to serve in that role supporting the US Navy at
Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa for 12 months. Kathi has an M.S. degree in
Information Systems.

Jeannette Jarvis

Cyber Threat Alliance

Jeannette is responsible for Cyber Threat Alliance’s partnerships, branding, and
communications efforts. Jeannette has worked in cybersecurity for 25 years,
previously holding various senior leadership positions, including Director of
Product Marketing at Fortinet and Director of Product Management at McAfee
and Intel Security . She also served in leadership roles at Microsoft and Boeing .
Jeannette is on the advisory board for Virus Bulletin, an international organization
covering the global threat landscape.

Angie Wilson


Angie Wilson has been working for 18+ years in the IT security industry, with
seven years at The Boeing Company as a SecurityPerimeter Design Specialist
and 11 years at Microsoft. She began her Microsoft career in the CSS Security
program that worked with large customers to test security updates pre-release.
She also managed the lifecycle program for security updates and helping
customers with products out of lifecycle support (think Windows XP). She then
joined the Cloud and Enterprise Security Engineering team, which became part
of Azure Security working in the vulnerability management space. She is
currently working in Azure Compute as the Senior Privacy Program Manager
ensuring the teams in Compute adhere to privacy policies and GDPR

Selena Larsen


Selena is a cyber threat intelligence analyst for Dragos , an ICS cybersecurity
company. Selena researches and develops reports on technical behaviours,
malware, and activity groups targeting ICS environments. She aims to combat
fear, uncertainty, and doubt to help people better understand complex attack
scenarios, concepts, and adversary behaviours.

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