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Hidden Cobra – A 2020 Outlook

10:30 – 11:00(SGT) Friday 4 December, 2020

In 2020 when the world went digital and more people began working from home, we observed an increase in cyber related operations attributed to the threat group Hidden Cobra. In previous years Hidden Cobra engaged in many cyber offensive operations around the world that included different kinds of implants, infrastructure, etc. Hidden Cobra has become a highly active threat actor involved in a diverse set of activity. This talk will review some of these operations in comparison to previous years and cover some never seen before activity.

In this talk we will detail how Hidden Cobra has changed and evolved in 2020. In this talk we will cover;

  •  How Hidden Cobra has evolved in 2020
  • What are some of the possible motivating factors that drive changes in cyber offensive operations
  • A quick operational review of some notable cyber events
    • Deep Dive into DTRACK research and Hidden Cobra’s interest in India’s Nuclear and Energy Sector
    • A review of Operation North Star – How Hidden Cobra is impersonating recruiters in the defense industry
  • Deep dive into the technical side
    • Research methods to identify infrastructure belonging to Hidden Cobra
    • A look into new 2020 implants
  • Wrap-up

Ryan Sherstobitoff

Ryan specializes in threat intelligence in the Asia Pacific Region where he conducts cutting edge research into new adversarial techniques and adapts those to better monitor the threat landscape. He formerly was the Chief Corporate Evangelist at Panda Security, where he managed the US strategic response for new and emerging threats. Ryan is widely recognized as a security & cloud computing expert throughout the country.

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